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Jim Batstone

Branch Manager​/Lic. Mortgage Prof. NMLS# 163072 

Office 602-606-6731   Mobile: 602-999-9850

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Shelly Martin

Licensed Mortgage Professional  NMLS# 204270

Office: 602-606-6784   Mobile: 602-751-8127

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Rita Wensel

Licensed Mortgage Professional NMLS# 203523

Office: 602-606-6703  Mobile: 602-999-6386

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Jim Burns

Licensed Mortgage Professional NMLS# 203703

Office: 602-606-6744   eFax: 602-735-6744

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Cornel Horga

Licensed Mortgage Professional NMLS   #203537

Office: 602-606-6723   Mobile: 602-722-5216

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Deann Risner

Licensed Mortgage Professional NMLS# 203518

Office: 602-606-6728   Mobile: 602-524-1738

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Margie Johnson

Licensed Mortgage Professional NMLS# 203518

Office: 602-606-6817   Mobile: 602-620-3449

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