Discovery Process


Welcome to the Suburban Mortgage Discovery Process!

We have created an online experience to help decide if Suburban Mortgage is
a match for both of us!

The Opportunity section is an overview of the entire Suburban Mortgage
opportunity. Take your time to review the information we have outlined in this
section. The subsequent sections will be unlocked by a member of the Suburban
Mortgage team once you have submitted a short application.

As we go through this process together, we will assist you as you learn more
about our system by:

  • Hearing from key individuals on the Suburban Mortgage Executive Team
  • Reviewing the support that we provide
  • Learn about our marketing and technology systems that keep you ahead
  • of the curve

We are committed to working with you, so that we can both make an informed
business decision about your joining the Suburban Lending team. To learn more, click the “next” button.

We look forward to getting to know you!