Week 1

  • Fill out change of address form at the post office

  • Put in request time off at work for move-in days

  • Pick your chosen mover, or if moving self, schedule vehicle rental

  • Confirm all paperwork with your chosen mover

  • Double check proper insurance is in place to cover valuables

  • Verify move in date with a realtor and move out date with the landlord.

Week 2

  • Update newspaper/magazine subscriptions forwarding address.

  • Gather or purchase move in materials including boxes, packing tape, furniture movers and bubble wrap

  • Write checklist for all essential items

  • Start packing inessential items

  • Start cleaning current rental for new renters

Week 3

  • Finish packing inessential items

  • Switch utility services to your new address.

Week 4

  • Cancel/schedule move in appointments with internet, cable, and electric, water, gas companies.

  • Finish cleaning your current space

  • Sell or give away items you don’t want to move

Week 5

  • Pack remaining essential items

  • Pick up the keys to your new home

  • Move into your new place!

30 days before move-in checklist